Sunday, January 22, 2012

Menu for 1/22 - 1/29/12

Another busy week come and gone. I am so behind on the baking but I am staying positive. I am picking up where I left off and trying to continue. Let's hope for a good week with it all!

Here is the menu for this week:

1/23 - Chinese New Year - Stir Fry, chicken and steak, homemade egg rolls, homemade crab ragoon, and fried rice.
Need to make up some lunches for Carter for the week.

1/24 - busy night - BBQ Sandwiches from the left over roast on Sunday. Baked Potato salad from the extra baked potatoes on Sunday.

1/25 - Waffles and French Toast Night

1/26 - crazy busy night - sandwiches on the go. Soup in the slow cooker for when we get home. Not sure what soup yet. I will keep you posted.

1/27 - lots of baking since 1/28 is my Lulu's birthday and it is National Chocolate Cake Day!
Dinner - Burgers and Dogs with Fries

1/28 -  Lulu's Birthday!!! Homemade Pizzas for dinner. Snacks and treats for her party.

1/29 - Lulu's favorite - chicken and dumplings.

I will try to post pics and updates. I am trying to get in the swing of taking pictures and posting.


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  1. Happy Birthday Lulu. My birthday is on the 29th.
    My son and I made Chicken and Dumplings this weekend. Love it!

  2. National Chocolate Cake Day sounds like my kind of day!

    Thanks for linking up.