Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Menu Plan for 3rd week of January

I have done weekly/monthly menu plan for several years. It just makes life easy.

I try to plan according to our chaotic schedule - kid's activities and Hubby's work schedule. I also try to look at what is on sale or if I have any coupons. I try to make one or 2 things to put in the freezer. Here is my plan for the week. I will try to add pictures if I remember to take any!

I make rolls and a loaf of basic bread on Sundays. I try to make a second round on Wednesdays.

My husband takes his lunch to work too. I usually put leftovers or make a salad with some type of protein for him. I try to put together baggies of healthy - or atleast not to unhealthy snacks together for him and the kids for the week. 

Monday 1/16 Chicken Parmesan, Emily's bread sticks, homemade pasta 

Here is a link to a good Chicken Parmesan recipe. The only thing I do different is I double dip. I dip the chicken in a egg/milk mixture, dip in flour, then back in the egg/milk mixture, then in breadcrumb mixture. I also season my flour and breadcrumbs with my own "house" Italian seasoning mix. I will post that in a bit and link it back to here.

The Bread stick recipe - I will have Emily post that tomorrow after she makes them.

As for the homemade pasta - you can not go wrong with Mario Batali's pasta recipe. It is simple and very tasty.

Tuesday 1/17 Slow Cooker - Paula Deen's Cheese Stuffed Meatballs and sauce. *I make a big batch of homemade sauce in the slow cooker once a month. I happen to have 3 bags of sauce left in the freezer.
Salad, homemade bread, and steamed broccoli

Wednesday 1/18 Homemade Pizzas, stromboli

Thursday 1/19 Band Concert night - slow cooker Cheesy Potato Soup and English muffin pizzas

* I use homemade chicken broth and all cheddar cheese instead of a blend.

For English Muffin Pizzas  -  I just cut the English muffin in half, put some pizza sauce, sausage, and mozzarella cheese. Bake at 375 for 13 - 15 minutes.

Friday 1/20 Busy night - Sandwiches on the go! Turkey and Chicken, cheese sandwiches to take on the go. Baggies of pretzels and chips, apples, and drinks.

Saturday 1/21 Chicken Pot Pie - make 4 times what is needed and freeze into 3 more meals.
I will post this recipe when I get to it this week. *Will post this Saturday when I make it.

Sunday 1/22 Family Meal - Roast in the crock pot, baked potatoes, fresh steamed veggies

I am trying hard to keep up with my new baked goodie per day. It is getting difficult with life being so chaotic. But so far I am only off a day or two! I just have to keep up with the posts.


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